Showbiz: LAPD Photo Archive Collages

Digital collages.
These collages all contain photos of crime scenes from 1920-1970. The collages explore the gaze of the police from this era alongside contemporary forms of survailence practiced everyday as a citizen and how this has been translated into film noir, neo noir and contempory documentary photography. Trigger Warning: This involves institutional racism, sexism and homophobia.These collages contain photographs of death, injury detail, injury threats and violence.

A jewellery store robbery that resulted in the death of a bystander, 1932.    

An assault victim poses for the camera, 1934.

Ballistics test. Apr 4, 1956.

Blood evidence with view of officer through car window. Apr 9, 1950.

Booking photo of male. Sep 17, 1947.

Detective peering into camera. Nov 14, 1934. 

Detectives calculating the trajectory of a bullet, 1934. 

Detectives looking for evidence. Nov 5, 1930.

Detectives writing on note pads. Dec 28, 1938. 

Field sobriety test no. 1. Jul 6, 1958.

Field sobriety test no. 2. Jul 6, 1958.

Field sobriety test no. 3. Jul 6, 1958. 

Forensic detail of bullet holes in a car window-1942. 

Men's toilet. Apr 6, 1950. 

Muse Theater, Open All Night. Jun 28, 1950.

Open car trunk exposing evidence. Jul 17, 1952.

Sidecar jail, unknown.

Training-observation test, male. 1953.